26 March 2019

These 5 insanely useful tips will set you apart from the rest when it comes to delivering and outstanding property and guest experience.

These tips will have you at 'superhost' status in no time! To become a superhost you need to achieve a high standard of reviews, which in turn result in a high star rating. It's a no brainer really, more stars equal more eyes on your listing, and potentially more bookings.

As a new airbnb host, you're so excited to be sharing your property and the idea of 'easy' money streaming in - right! I'm not here to burst your bubble, that is exactly how you should be feeling. However, we need to pop our sensible hat on just for a moment, before we hit the 'publish' button.

Here are our top 5 tips that are not negotiable when considering being a first time Airbnb host, or if you're already a host and want to improve your reviews and star ratings.

Professional photos

When it comes to people viewing your listing, people tend to eat with their eyes! So that means putting the best of the best photos in your listing.

Showcasing your property with professional photos will ensure lighting and angles are accurate. It's pretty obvious when a photo has been stretched or cropped and this begins to plant the seed that maybe the host doesn't really care about their listing, their property......or their guests.

You want your property to jump off the page, so potential guests stop scrolling! Choose a lead photo that is eye catching and represents your property in it's truest form.

Be honest

Manage peoples expectations with being upfront. eg: if your property has stairs, be sure to pop a photo in your gallery and perhaps even the actual number of stairs. People are happiest when they turn up and don't find surprises.

Keep it simple

You don't have to offer your guests the most elaborate features and styling in a property. Keeping it clean, fresh, tidy and clutter free is normally a winner with most people. If people want a 'hotel' feel, they would book a hotel. Making it feel comfortable is so much more welcoming and inviting than a show home.

Listing details

Listing title and description are important. A title can intrigue, it can describe the property or it can fall flat and not evoke any emotion to a potential guest.

Choosing descriptive words that create a visual of your listing, starts the process of the guests imaginig themselves in your space, on vacation, relaxing, enjoying themselves. Equally, if your property is a hot spot for business travellers, they want to know they can work comfortably from a space that meets their needs eg; a chair and desk, strong wifi etc...

Best advice here is search some other properties in your area to check you have all the tourist things covered, then move onto specifics that relate to your property.

BONUS TIP: Use questions you receive from potential guest bookings as prompts to update and include in your listing.

Answering queries

ALWAYS reply to a query. Even if the information is stated on your listing, it's simple to reply and begin building a rapport with your potential guests. Remember some guests may not speak or read english. And whilst Airbnb does have a translation option, sometimes things just get 'lost in translation'.

Some queries are from people just wanting to check something local, like maybe seasaonal information, weather or a recommendation on a tour guide perhaps. Others may be more specific to the property, asking something that you may feel is not a big deal, however, may be important to them and could be a deal breaker in securing a booking with you. After all, it's common courtesy to acknowledge and reply, in a timely manner.

So now you have some things to think about and implement, we wish you all the very best with your Airbnb venture!

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