Guest Check In Made Easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I change the lock access code?

Yes, absolutely. This can be changed easily, and as often as you like.

A tool is supplied to change your code.

Q2. How do I know if CondoKey has a product that will fit my mailbox?

CondoKey offers varying sizes and orientations (portrait or landscape) designed to fit into a standard front opening Australia Post recommended A4 commercial mailbox .

For further information click here.

IMPORTANT. You will need to measure your mailbox to be sure of compatabilty. Check out our products pages for dimensioned PDF's and photo's.

Q3. How does it secure inside my mailbox?

CondoKey's lockable mailbox insert does not require any screwing or bolting.

It is secured inside using a cam lock, similar to the lock currently on your mailbox door.

Upon turning, this lock secures behind the mailbox door hinge preventing it from pulling out.

Each is also adjustable in length and width for a snug fit.

Q4. Can I still receive my mail?

Yes, that's one of the benefits. It creates 2 compartments within your mailbox, one for secure mail and the other a lockbox.

Q5. Can I install the mailbox insert myself?

Yes, we provide detailed, easy to follow instructions for every customer to be able to install for themselves.

A small flat head screwdriver is all that is needed for adjustments.

Q6. Can I choose the colour?

As CondoKey's lockable mailbox inserts are discrete and out of sight 'Shale Grey' is our only colour available for immediate order.

However, if you do wish to customise your colour we certainly can accommodate this. Please enquire as prices and lead time may vary.

Q7. What if my mailbox is located behind a security door/gate?

CondoKey mailbox inserts offer a solution for those mailboxes that are accessible by guests. We recommend an alternative key collection method.